SupaChair Safari Sport Portable Powerchair

SupaChair Safari Sport Portable Powerchair

  Week 1 Per Wk 2 - 8 Per Wk 8 - 12
Portable powerchair 4mph£65.00

(£78.00 Inc VAT)


(£72.00 Inc VAT)


(£66.00 Inc VAT)

Supachair Safari Sport Portable Powerchair


  • Smooth ride
  • Lightweight frame
  • 10 mile range
  • Robust Seat Suspension
  • Sealed lead acid Batteries
  • Large Pneumatic Wheels


The Safari SupaChair is a refreshing and simply designed indoor/outdoor Powerchair with a unique dual spring seat column giving ample legroom and ride quality.The SupaChair is a practical portable electric powered wheelchair that is easy to control and can handle the outdoors with no problem.


The rear wheel drive with twin motors gives you excellent manoeuvrability, traction and precision handling. Unlike other powerchairs the SupaChair can run on both sealed lead acid or lithium battery.


The Safari Sport is simple to dismantle into small manageable pieces for transportation or storage.


Max weight capacity 20st

Colour: Red 


SupaChair Safari Sport Portable Powerchair
Item Image Week 1 Per Wk 2 - 12 Per Wk 13+
Seat Belt   £2.00 £2.00 £2.00
Rear Shopping Bag

£2.00 £1.00 £1.00
Stick Holder

£3.00 £2.00 £2.00


SupaChair Safari Sport Portable Powerchair
Drives Wheels 10in Pnuematic
Kerb Climber No
Controller Dynamics
Head Rest No
Foot Plate Flip up
Arm Rests Fully Adjustable
Adjustable Seat Folding
User Weight 19st / 120kg
Castors 8in Pnuematic
Seat belt Yes
Speed 4mph

Max Length 35.8in / 91cm
Max Width 24in / 61cm
Folding Chair Yes
Suspension Yes
Drive Train Rear Wheel Drive
Battery Capacity 14ah SLA or Lithium
Range 10 miles
Portable/Car Boot Yes
Colour Red
SupaChair Safari Sport Portable Powerchair

Product Specs

The SupaChair Safari Sport is a compact, lightweight powerchair for both indoor and outdoor use.

This little powerchair is extremley manoeuvrable indoors with a fantastic turning circle but it comes into its own when you take it outside. For a portable powerchair the Safari Sport is surprisingly robust when dealing with more uneven ground and can cope with rougher terrain that most small chairs would find difficult.

The Dynamics controller gives a smooth drive and the suspension in the seat soaks up a lot of the bumps for an overall pleasant experience. The SupaChair has an option of a lithium battery which as well as being very light gives a bit more distance than the sealed lead acid version.