Dynamic Air Mattresses

Dynamic Air Mattresses


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This fully automatic pressure relieving mattress system combines automatic self-adjustment of cell pressure and constant low pressure therapy to provide an advanced dynamic mattress.


The system has been designed to automatically calibrate the user weight and position in the bed to offer an effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers in a variety of healthcare environments. Ideal for carers as the system gives an enhanced quality of care to help reduce the risk of sores.


This mattress is very versatile and its modular design makes it easy to maintain and keep clean that complies with the most stringent infection control guidelines. This superb mattress also offers innovative features such as seat inflation and max firm, with a lock out feature and both audible and visual alarms to reduce the risk of human error.

Detailed Specifications


Type Air
Size Single 
Weight 7.5kg
Cover Yes water resistant - Crib 5  
Removable cover Yes
Risk  High
User weight             31st / 200kg


Key Features


  • Static Mode: Equalises the pressure across the entire mattress to two thirds of its capacity, providing constant low pressure therapy to allow greater immersion into the mattress surface and provide optimum pressure redistribution.


  • Alternating Mode: Continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells over a 10 minute cycle to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and relieve pressure away from vulnerable areas, whilst also stimulating blood circulation.


  • Auto Adjustment: The proprietary pressure/body-weight algorithm enables automatic pressure adjustment in response to individual body mass distribution and patient movement eliminating the need to manually set the pump to the users weight.


  • Seat Inflate Mode:  When sitting upright the seat inflate mode increases the pressure equally across the entire mattress to deliver optimum support on sacrum area.


  • Max Firm Mode: Inflates the cells to max pressure to give a stable and firmer surface during moving, handling, patient transfer and nursing procedures. The system will automatically revert back to alternating after 20 minutes.


  • Panel Lock: Decreases the risk of people tampering with the pump’s settings.


  • Multiple Alarms: Provides a visual and audible warning to alert the carer if the system suffers a loss of air pressure as well as alerting a power failure or requires a repair, decreasing the risk of a prolonged loss in adequate alternating therapy.


  • Mattress Cover: The 4 way stretch cover flame resistant to BS7175 crib 7 and has a lot of features to aid infection prevention, including antimicrobial properties, a 360 degree zip, vapour permeable and water resistant. The cover reduces patient shear and friction and is easy to clean and can be machine washed.